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Food Literacy Heroes: Whole Foods Markets Sacramento and Roseville

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Whole Foods Markets in Sacramento and Roseville in their Nickels for Nonprofits program. Not only does Whole Foods Market offer beautiful, fresh produce and a diverse range of wonderful food offerings, the individual stores are also dedicated to environmental stewardship, food literacy and healthy communities. We are immensely proud to name Whole Foods Sacramento and Whole Foods Roseville as our Food Literacy Heroes for July.

“We’re filled with peachy joy to be working with Whole Foods in Sacramento and Roseville! Our missions perfectly align to bring healthy, fresh food to families,” said Amber Stott, founding executive director of California Food Literacy Center.

Whole Foods Market’s Nickels for Nonprofits is a nationwide program that promotes environmental stewardship as well as supports the larger community that the individual stores serve. For every recyclable bag that a customer uses during their shopping trip from now through September 29, they have the option of redeeming 5 cents toward their grocery bill or donating it to a local nonprofit. California Food Literacy Center was selected by Whole Foods in Sacramento and Roseville to be a recipient in this program.

“California Food Literacy Center is a natural partner for our Nickels for Nonprofits program since its mission ties in closely with our own core values of supporting our local communities, environmental stewardship, and promoting healthy eating education,” said Christina Clarke, marketing team leader of Whole Foods Market Sacramento.

Echoing her sentiments is the marketing and community relations team leader of Whole Foods Market Roseville, Jill Miller, who said, “Whole Foods Market is thrilled to support the California Food Literacy programs!  Working with nonprofit organizations that support our Healthy Eating initiatives will ensure a sustainable planet and a healthy community!”

Both Christina and Jill reaffirm Whole Foods Market’s core values that align perfectly with food literacy education. Each store has a choice in deciding how to give back to their local communities and we’re humbled to be working with these two amazing stores.

Upcoming Events bring Food Literacy to Stores

In addition to the Nickels for Nonprofit program, Whole Foods Market Sacramento is hosting a food truck event on Tuesday, July 23, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in their side parking. During this event, the store will double any bag credits donated by their shoppers and 5% of total truck sales will be donated to support our food literacy programs.

We are also partnering with both Whole Foods Market locations to host Kids Club events and interactive projects for kids and families in the store. Just last week, Amber and our volunteer Susan Vitulli were showing kids and families how to make sunflower seed butter. Future dates include July 27 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Sacramento store, and August 10 & September 21 from 12 to 2 p.m. at the Roseville store. Families can expect free food demos and kids’ activities that give a taste of what food literacy looks like in our classroom. We’re grateful to have the chance to bring this education to the Whole Foods Markets, where shoppers have been supportive and excited to participate.

For fostering environmental awareness, healthy eating and food literacy, as well as being stalwarts in their local communities, we’re proud to name Whole Foods Market Sacramento and Whole Foods Market Roseville as our Food Literacy Heroes!

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