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Food Literacy Class Visits Jamie Oliver’s Big Rig

California Food Literacy Center recently partnered with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation for a field trip. Our fourth and fifth graders from Capital Heights Academy attended their first field trip to the foundation’s Big Rig. It’s not just any Big Rig…it actually houses a fully equipped teaching kitchen! The Big Rig Teaching Kitchen is considered a traveling classroom that aims to educate our communities about food, bringing to life the slogan Food Revolution.

Having access to a kitchen was a nice luxury for the kids to enjoy, as our cooking classes are usually held at schools that don’t offer full kitchens. The group had the opportunity to be hands on in a realistic setting, one of the most obvious features being a stove top for the students to utilize.  Want to know what was on the menu? The kids learned how to make pancakes with poppy seed, fruit, and yogurt topping. For many of the kids, this was their first experience using a knife to chop fruit or using a spatula to flip a pancake.

Two of our Food Literacy Advocates were on hand to teach the cooking lesson (the children were thrilled to see some familiar faces), because the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation hired them to work on the rig while it’s in Sacramento. In fact, four of our advocates were hired by the foundation as teachers!

As the kids were busy in the kitchen, the advocates donned Food Revolution aprons.

All in all, it was a true moment of community partnership to make our kids’ lives healthier!


Story by Gabrielle Brazzil

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