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Photo courtesy Debbie Cunningham
Photo courtesy Kristin Thebaud

Community’s Generosity Yields Bounty of Produce for Kids

The holiday spirit is thriving in Sacramento! Thanks to the generosity of the Sacramento community, California Food Literacy Center met our goal and collected 3,000 fruits and vegetables for the kids at Capitol Heights Academy in our Holiday Produce Drive.

Using social media and press coverage, we invited the community to donate hardy fruits and vegetables this past Sunday at Nugget Market in West Sacramento. Families and individuals dropped off their donations to our volunteers who were wearing fun fruit and vegetable costumes. It certainly made for a festive occasion! Santa and Rudolf also made an appearance with a grocery cart full of produce to help the cause.

After food literacy class yesterday, we sent each of our 100 kids home with five-servings-a-day for a week in a bag full of fruits and vegetables to enjoy over the long holiday break. In a school where 85% of the children use the free and reduced lunch program, the need for these healthy veggies is high. We do our part to teach them healthy habits throughout the school year, and want to help them succeed at practicing healthy eating at home, too.

In yesterday’s class, we also had special guests from Feeding Crane Farms attend class. The kids got to meet their first farmer and chef! It was certainly a major highlight of the kids’ year. Feeding Crane Farms also brought each child a beautiful bunch of chard to take home. For many children, it was the first time they’d tasted chard.

This Holiday Produce Drive was made possible by the generosity of the Sacramento community! We also want to especially thank Soil Born Farms and Feeding Crane Farms for donating so much beautiful produce to help complete the drive. In addition, thank you Nugget Market for hosting our event, and to all the caring community members and volunteers who made this possible!

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