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Bloggers Create Their Own Food Literacy Sandwiches

To celebrate Food Literacy Month, we asked food bloggers to create their own Food Literacy Sandwich and blog about it in September.

Bloggers have accepted the challenge to create a sandwich that is healthy for us and for the environment. The recipes and blogs we have received so far have demonstrated that bloggers are incredibly creative and thoughtful when developing new recipes.

Here are the submissions we have received so far:

Our founder, Amber Stott from her blog Awake at the Whisk, makes a Food Literacy Sandwich of Garden Pesto Tomato & Egg.

Susan can Cook makes Ginger Turkey & Wasabi Slaw Sliders.

Stay at Home FOODIE builds an ABC Sandwich that her kids are begging for.

Our good friends at Caveman Food creates a Hummus Pita.

Our board member, Jillena, makes a Vegan Torta on her blog, Eat Well, Live Free.

Renee and Ari’s Kitchen Conundrum supports us all the way from NY with a delicious Waldorf Chicken Salad.

Vanilla Garlic creates “The Good Life” Country Gruyere, Blue, Turkey Panini.

Sacatomato makes an Open Faced Poached Egg Sandwich with Truffle Pate and Sea Salt.

This campaign is taking place the entire month of September. We look forward to more submissions! For more info: Blogger Food Literacy Sandwich campaign.

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