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September is Food Literacy Month!

Celebrate Food Literacy Month!

Food literacy is the understanding of how our food choices impact our health, the environment, and our community. Join the fun!

Calendar of Events in September:

September 29 – Launch party for California Food Literacy Center. Mayahuel– 1200 K Street in Sacramento. 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. The winner of the Sandwich Contest for Kids will be announced. There will be light appetizers from Mayahuel and beer donated by Ruhstaller & Wine. RSVP to the event!

September 1-30 – Food Literacy Sandwich Blogger Campaign. Bloggers are invited to create a Food Literacy Sandwich and blog about it in the month of September. We will share your recipe & story on social media! For more info: Blogger Food Literacy Sandwich campaign

September 2-14 – Food Literacy Sandwich Contest! Submit a recipe for a creative Food Literacy sandwich and a winner will be announced! For more info: Sandwich Contest for Kids

September 2-8 – Restaurant Food Literacy Sandwich Campaign. Local restaurants are invited to add a “Food Literacy Sandwich” to their menu to help raise awareness about food literacy. Read about it in Sacramento Press. More info for restaurants: Restaurant Sandwich Campaign info.

September 22 – Food Literacy Fair at the Oak Park Farmers’ Market, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. There will be a press conference, food demos, live music, activities for kids, a farmers market scavenger hunt, yoga, and more. For more info: Food Literacy Fair.


Food Literacy Toolkits

Promote food literacy in your home, school, work, and community! We developed  toolkits with fun, delicious, and educational activities!

Help us spread the word and make Food Literacy Month a delicious success!

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