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Chef David Edgar

Veggie of the Year Chef Recipe
Bok Choy Dumplings by Executive Chef David Edgar

David Edgar, Executive Chef: SCUSD, Central Kitchen

Bok Choy Dumpling Recipe

During Food Literacy Month, local chefs developed recipes to highlight the five veggie contenders! We’re sharing our Veggie of the Year Champion’s scrumptious Bok Choy dumpling recipe! His delicious creation won the votes of our students and we are hap-pea for you to try it with your kids at home!

Chef David Edgar’s dumplings with Bok Choy filling topped with crispy garlic captured the versatility of this happy green veggie. Our talented chef, used his years of experience cooking meals for kids for SCUSD and made a bite our kids were elated to try.

Thank you Chef David Edgar for making eating veggies fun for our kids!

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