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Written by Thom Stone, Food Literacy Intern

Food Literacy Academy applications due next Friday, August 15

From August 28 until August 30, the Food Literacy Center will be hosting its fifth three-day course teaching , teaching people how to become “food literacy geniuses,” as we like to call them.

Food literacy geniuses propagate healthy food systems and a sense of fun through their hour-long food literacy programs.

For example, the Busy Bees program includes a brief lesson, an arts and crafts activity, a sampling, and a story, all helping kids to understand how bees catalyze our food systems.

Read a response from fellow intern and food genius Amanda Monyko, explaining her motivations for attending the Food Literacy Academy:

We are looking for more applicants like Amanda who see themselves equally as advocates for sustainable food and effective education for kids.

Fill out the application to get started!

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