Cydni & Chase’s Story

Image of Cydni & Chase’s Story

Sometimes, we get lucky and have students in food literacy class whose parents have been reinforcing healthy eating messages long before they step into our classroom. Siblings Cydni and Chase’s mom works for a local health system. She understands the value of eating fruits and veggies.

Image of Food Literati Members Bring Citrus Smiles to Kids

Food Literati Members Bring Citrus Smiles to Kids
This is an example of what your generous donation towards our mission supports.


Pays for 1 child to receive two weeks of food literacy cooking & nutrition education and supports our mission.


Supports our mission and pays for food handler certification for 5 Food Literacy Geniuses (our trained volunteer instructors)—important safety training that protects our kids.


Pays for 1 child’s food literacy for a year & supports our mission.


Pays for area of most critical need at the time the gift is given: critical evaluative research that tells us what’s working and what needs improvement in our children’s programming, agency capacity-building, or other high-impact support of our mission.


Pays for 1 school (140 kids) to receive our 13-week curriculum or our area of most critical need.


Food Literacy Hero
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Megan Burritt

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Our school programs

We teach weekly after-school programs in the Sacramento area and help kids develop healthy habits while they are young.

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Food Literacy Academy

Join fellow healthy food ambassadors in our community and help bring food literacy education to local schools.

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Building Broccoli Habits

Building Broccoli Habits