Mission & History


Our Mission & History

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire kids to eat their vegetables. We teach low-income elementary children cooking and nutrition to improve our health, environment and economy.

Our Story

Food Literacy Center came to life in July 2011. With a lifelong career in nonprofit management and a personal passion for improving our food system, founder Amber Stott saw a critical gap: helping individuals improve their knowledge, attitude, and behavior towards real food. As a food writer and blogger, Amber has spent years researching and writing about the need for increased education of our food system. With the help of a supportive community, she decided to merge her personal passion with her professional skills to fill the food literacy need.

The mission was born to create change today for a healthy, sustainable tomorrow through community food education. Amber is joined by her five staff members, community members who make up the center’s board, volunteer committees, and support system. As a growing team, they’ve combined their creative ideas, expertise, and energy around food, health, and social change to improve the community.


Food Literacy Month

In September 2012, we worked with Assemblymember Dickinson to declare Food Literacy Month in California to raise statewide awareness about the need for cooking and nutrition education for kids. In 2013, Yolo County, Sacramento County and City of Sacramento also passed our resolution. In 2015, the State of Washington passed a resolution inspired by the California resolution we championed. 

We celebrate with a Veggie of the Year contest each year, which culminates in a free community farmers market-based Food Literacy Fair.