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Rendering of Food Literacy Center

Overview & Background

Our new center is coming soon! Floyd Farms at Leataata Floyd Elementary will be home to a city-run community garden, Food Literacy Center’s cooking school and headquarters, and student gardens managed by our program staff.

Floyd Farms Site Map Our Current Center

Literacy Center currently operates out of a small, rented house. Our program resembles pop-up catering: we bring our food and cooking supplies to school cafeterias, where we set up temporary cooking and nutrition classes for elementary students. As a young nonprofit, we don’t have a “center” where the community can come to us to cook–yet!

Future Cooking School & Headquarters

In 2016, the Sacramento City Unified School District voted unanimously for our nonprofit to manage a cooking school and student gardens on 2.5 acres on their Leataata Floyd Elementary campus. The 5,000 square foot building has been designed by HMC Architects and is funded by fees specifically designated for this project by the developer of The Mill at Broadway, which neighbors the school campus

Our New Center

This state-of-the-art, green facility being built will include and support:

  • Cooking School, where 30+ students will learn to cook healthy meals.
  • Prep Kitchen, where our staff and volunteers will prep food and cooking supplies for after school programs across the school district focused on Title 1 schools.
  • Training & Office Space, where our staff will train future instructors of our curriculum, and manage the day-to-day operations of this 2.5-acre facility that will reach over 1,000 students/week.
  • Community Programs, where we will host family cooking classes, school field trips and more!

Floyd Farms Renderings

Urban Farm & Garden

Located at the south end of Floyd Farms, directly behind the cooking school, will be a 2-acre multi-use, outdoor classroom operated by Food Literacy Center. Our farm is being designed with one goal in mind: encouraging children to eat their vegetables. The open space, designed to improve child health, is for students and families to learn, play, and explore in an urban lot that was once vacant. This site compliments our existing cooking and nutrition programs by allowing students to grow food and engage in active play. 

Hands-on Learning

The type of education offered at Floyd Farms also matters. Children’s learning styles vary. Studies show that students who practice what they’re learning in a hands-on environment can often retain three and a half times as much as opposed to just sitting in a lecture and listening. Students who have difficulty learning for reasons of ESL barriers, auditory deficiencies, or behavioral interference can be found to be on task more often when they are part of the learning process and not just spectators.


The new center will allow Food Literacy Center to:

  • Serve elementary school students in afterschool programs throughout SCUSD.
  • Serve students at Leataata Floyd Elementary with school day curriculum in cooking and gardening.
  • Expand food literacy programming to reach more schools throughout the district.
  • Provide community and family cooking classes to the public.
  • Implement cooking and nutrition classes such as food science, biology, history, and culture through cuisine
  • Provide garden education including plant biology, and compost.

“Having a well-established food literacy program like Food Literacy Center is critical to the success of the Leataata Floyd Farms Project. Amber and her team have built a strong, academically challenging curriculum and with the added resources of a farm and access to students throughout the day more of our students can benefit from this outstanding program.”

-Jay Hansen, Sacramento Unified School District board member


Thank you to The Mill at Broadway and the Setzer Family Foundation for each providing $100,000 over five years as a startup donation to seed the project! Additionally, thanks to Raley’s Family of Fine Stores for providing funding to our organization since 2015 to deliver afterschool programming at the elementary school.

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To learn more about the project, email Amber Stott, CEO.

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