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Holiday farmers market

Kids Holiday Farmers Market
December 15, 2020

We invite you to become a sponsor of our Kids Holiday Farmers Markets – a feel-good way to support our mission to inspire kids to eat their veggies! Students will shop for fresh ingredients, learn how to advocate for veggies at home and in school, and take home a soup recipe and spice kit. They can use the veggies they shop for to recreate a healthy meal at home using their soup kits. 

By sending these students home with fresh produce, they can continue practicing the healthy habits that we have helped them develop in food literacy class. We we know many of these children are returning to food insecure homes. Your support through this event will have a direct impact on our efforts.

Become a Sponsor

Your partnership during the Kids Holiday Farmers Market will allow us to continue our mission, and to expand our programming to reach more kids in Sacramento. Together, we are creating healthier kids!

Kids Holiday Farmers Market 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities


We’ll work with you to create a sponsorship package that fits your needs!

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