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Construction Site

Cooking School Construction Update
January 2021

Groundbreaking September 2019Our future cooking school and headquarters is on track to open in late 2021. We broke ground on this one-of-a-kind project in September 2019.

Construction May 2020






After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, preparation of the site started again this May.

Construction October 2020






Deep stabilizing pylons were placed in September and October which required a large piece of equipment and lots of earth pounding.

Construction November 2020






In November utilities were being laid. The outline of the cooking school can be seen where they have built concrete framing and installed beams. 






Pouring concrete

In early December the concrete floors were poured and it’s looking like a real building.







Walls going up

In mid December walls started going up!








Walls in front

At the beginning of January walls in front are up and you can see the center support beam from the back.

Building from the back








Front of building with staff & board






In late January the roof was added, there was framing inside and you can see the full shape and size of the building and back patio which will be an outdoor classroom area.

Back of building, outdoor classroom/patio area














Urban Farm & Garden Sketch

We’ve secured a landscape architect to bring our Urban Farm and Garden to life! In addition, the Building Leadership Talent class at SMUD chose phase 1 of the garden as their class project and will be helping to build out the area in early 2021.










Read more about the project, the history, find FAQs, and how to become a sponsor on our Future Cooking School webpage.

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