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Meet our Food Literati Leaders
Vote with your dollars and help our kids!

September is Food Literacy Month and we are celebrating by raising awareness and funds to empower kids to make healthy choices! We are joined by an and sponsors that are fundraising in September. 

Follow the links for each team below to contribute to their fundraising campaign or click this link to see the funds raised so far HERE.  

Donate to: Team Brussels Sprouts Team Brussels Sprouts

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Raley’s Supermarkets!

Executive Chef Billy Zoellin //Bacon and Butter

Amber Stott, Food Literacy Center Founder, CEO
Joany Titherington, Oak Park Farmers Market Manager
Felicia James, Board Chair
Sean Timberlake, Volunteer & Supporter




Donate to: Team Cauliflower  Team Cauliflower Graphic

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Raley’s Supermarkets!

Chef Chris Barnum-Dan / Localis Restaurant

Dave Schulte, Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Sophia De Boer, Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Isaac Gonzalez, Food Literacy Center Board Member
Ellen Brown, Food Literacy Center Board Member
Lori Morales, Volunteer & Supporter
Kim LeClaire, Volunteer & Supporter
Tawney Lambert, Volunteer & Supporter
Reina Gonzalez, Volunteer & Supporter 
Christie Munson, Volunteer & Supporter
Sara Fung, Volunteer & Supporter
Serena Yang, MD, Volunteer & Supporter


Donate to: Team Mushroom Team Mushroom

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Raley’s Supermarkets!

Chef Yolanda Marculescu / SCUSD Central Kitchen

Evelyn Morales, Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Adriana Guzman, Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Erica Holland, Food Literacy Center Board Member
Anna Rosenbaum, Food Literacy Center Board Member
Samantha Lysaythong, Volunteer & Supporter


Donate to: Team Poblano Pepper Team Poblano Pepper graphic

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Raley’s Supermarkets!

Chef Toki Sawada / Binchoyaki Izakaya Dining

Sabrina White,  Food Literacy Center Staff Member 
Gerine Williams, 
Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Keilani Paneda, Food Literacy Center Board Member
Mikayla Taylor, Volunteer & Supporter
Drea Reyes, Volunteer & Supporter
Kristy Dwyer, Volunteer & Supporter
Janel Inouye, Volunteer & Supporter 
Maya Wallace, Volunteer & Supporter


Donate to: Team Potato Team Potato

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Raley’s Supermarkets!

Chef Sean Rumery / Canon East Sacramento

Rebekah Latronica, Food Literacy Center Staff Member 
Lauren Lujan, Food Literacy Center Staff Member 
Betty Low, Food Literacy Center Board Member 
Maggie Nolting, Volunteer & Supporter
Andrea Lepore, Volunteer & Supporter
Mai Err Chang, Volunteer & Supporter


Tangerine thank you to UC Davis HealthSMUD and LDK Ventures for your watermelon wonderful support this Food Literacy Month!


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